72 Days On the Road

First I must say the only reason this tour is happening and continuing to thrive is because of the numerous generous people who believe in what I am doing and have supported my family in multitudes of ways!! So THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU who have cared enough to put your valuable energy, time, and money into helping us in any way you are able! Please know I am grateful beyond words.
I cannot believe we are already into the third month of this tour and I have not sent out an update or written a blog post! I typically try to send out updates once a month; however, this one will cover three months and there is so much to tell so bear with me.

We have had some truly incredible experiences in beautiful places, met many amazing people, reunited with lots of family and friends we haven't seen in far too long, played so much music for many wonderful crowds in great venues. We have also experienced many difficult days we’d like to erase from memory. We are exhausted, and stressed figuring out this new life and how to make enough money and make sure our children are safe and nurtured. This is hard, hard work, but nothing worth having is easy. It’s about perspective. We take the bad with the good and choose to see the rewards of this journey above the trials. We are truly loving this new crazy life!
- "How Do We Wanna Go Out” - I received the final version of my recently recorded unreleased single “How Do We Wanna Go Out”. This song was featured in Jessika Satori’s short film by the same title, which was entered into the Action on Film International Film Festival in Monrovia, CA and won best music video!
- FOX 47 TV Rochester and India Everett featured my story in a segment for their morning show.
Watch the FOX News Video Clip: http://www.myfox47.com/category/136740/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10515414
Read the FOX News Article: http://m.myfox47.com/w/main/story/119472012/#
We are currently in Michigan. Ohio is next, then NEW ENGLAND for the rest of September. After New England we will be spending some extended time in FLORIDA (with my parents who have recently relocated) to work on booking the next leg of this tour, which will include going back up the east coast, Tennessee and all of the south back up to the northwest. If you have any friends or family who would be interested in hosting a house concert or if you have any venue connections or recommendations please let me know ASAP. Email me at cami@camilundeen.com.
JUNE 24th, 2014 - I (along with my husband and four children) departed Vashon Island on the 10:30am ferry. Bittersweet. We love our island and it’s people so very much.
First stop was a very rustic, secluded horse ranch (Ekone Ranch) in the middle of nowhere in southeastern Washington. I got to play two nights in a row for a group of young teens. The chance to be a positive influence on kids struggling through the teen years, figuring out who they are and what life is about is a priceless experience. This was a perfect, unplugged start to this journey. We finished the month with a house concert near Portland, Oregon for the family of a precious friend. 
JULY was spent in California. Beaches. Sun. Sand. Summer all the time. Though I was young when my family left this state, I believe being born here makes it an innate part of my being. :-) I had the opportunity to be part of several singer-songwriter showcases (through Songwriters at Play) that were all wonderful experiences. We encountered some very generous people who supported my tour beyond what we even hoped, made some great new friends, and spent some special time with family. It was definitely very difficult and sad to leave this state.
AUGUST brought us through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah to Colorado, then Nebraska and Iowa to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan.
  • We had the pleasure of spending two nights and one day in Las Vegas. I must say it was better than I imagined. I look forward to going back with no children and more money :-)
  • Despite the weather Colorado was great! I played a couple house concerts, a few favorite venues of the tour so far, spent time with family and saw some of the incredible beauty that is Colorado.
  • Minnesota was a whirlwind - five shows in four days with only a couple days off. I had the amazing opportunity to perform at the iconic Minneapolis venue First Avenue/7th Street Entry, in addition to some other fun shows. Once again trying to catch up with many family and friends we haven’t seen in far too long. In Rochester I got to play for the families at the Mayo Clinic Ronald McDonald house - wonderful experience.
  • Never would I have guessed Wisconsin would be the place to hold probably two of the most fun shows I’ve played on this tour so far. I was reunited with several friends from high school, got to play for my high school class reunion, spent time in Amish country and on my aunt’s dairy farm, last minute decision to stop and stay at a water park in Wisconsin dells before a quick trip to a show in Madison.
  • Chicago. What can I say?! Hot Beef and hot dogs and hot pizza, oh my! I had more hot dogs than I care to admit, but it was a real Chicago experience thanks to great family and friends who showed us around. I also played at the divy-est dive bar I’ve ever played. Good people and good fun though.
SEPTEMBER brings Michigan, Ohio and New England.
  • Michigan – As I write this, here I am…sitting at the table in the house my great-great- grandparents and great-grandparents lived, where now my grandmother lives, less than a mile from the home my mother grew up in, where my uncle still lives with his family in this tiny farming town, reminiscing my many childhood visits. My only show here in Michigan is a house concert tomorrow evening and it will be amazing! It will make up for a week's worth of shows. I promise. I’ve spent most of my time here reliving memories with family, working on booking and planning for what’s next on this tour.
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Thank you once again for everything each one of you does to make my music and this journey possible!

Love and hugs to you all from the road!

Cami Lundeen

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