profound lyrics, and creative melodies linger long after you've heard them. She sings and performs with a contagious passion and conviction that moves you to the depths of your being.  

Whether it be a solo performance of Cami Maree commanding her guitar while kicking a bass drum, or fronting a full band, she lures you in with her sultry voice, and powerful vulnerability. You are guaranteed to  
fall in love with this beautiful soul.  

Her energetic style is a unique blend of the bluesy-soul of Adele, an alternative rock flare reminiscent of The Cranberries, the edginess of Pink,
and the rock rasp of Janis Joplin.

Cami Maree was diagnosed with a rare, incurable
liver disease in the spring of 2010,  
She turned to songwriting as an outlet for coping
with her daunting reality.  
With the youngest of her four children
a newborn, this news of her  
diagnosis weighed heavily on her heart.
Songwriting became the glue that held  
her together through this heartbreaking time.  

Cami Maree played her first public show at a local
farmer’s market in the spring of 2012,  
 and quickly amassed a large local following by playing numerous shows and festivals around the Seattle area including Seattle’s famed venues The Crocodile,   
The Hard Rock Café, and The Triple Door.   

Less than a year after her first show, raising over $15,000, Cami Maree crowd-funded,  recorded, and released
her debut album Run Free.
Released in August 2013, Run Free is an intimate
weaving of her story – a journey of life’s struggles   
and a tale of overcoming fear and choosing to 
live life to its fullest. 

On the heels of Cami Maree's album release,
in effort to share an inspirational message  
of hope and encourage others to follow their dreams, She and her family sold  most of their 
possessions and hit the road to tour the United States
in a minivan with tent trailer in tow. 

Leaving Washington state in June 2014, 
Cami Maree toured the country for five months, 
and has settled in the Gainesville, Florida area.
She is continuing to travel throughout 
Florida performing at a variety of venues
as well as working on
the highly anticipated follow up to her 
debut album Run Free.

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Cami Maree's debut album

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